Lou Gentile's Flower Basket
4918 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93726
Local: 559-243-9143


The FTDŽ Gerbera Bouquet
The FTDŽ Gerbera Bouquet Intercat-FTD101 US 81.99
The FTDŽ Fun in the SunŽ Basket
The FTDŽ Fun in the SunŽ Basket Intercat-FTD215 US 81.99
The FTDŽ Fruit Basket
The FTDŽ Fruit Basket Intercat-FTD325 US 83.99
The FTDŽ Daylight ™ Bouquet
The FTDŽ Daylight ™ Bouquet Intercat-FTD214 US 90.99

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